Our Services

  • Standard Tractor Wash - Our base price for a tractor wash is $56.00. This includes hand mopping, raising the hood and blowing off the engine.
  • Savings with Tractor/Trailer Combo - When you wash your tractor and trailer, you save an additional $12.00.
  • Soap - We have an industry leading premium soap designed for optimal grime removal, which will not harm polished steel or aluminum. It is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Spot Free - R/O System - Truck & trailers are given a final rinse with our reverse osmosis water (spot-free rinse). This will help your truck dry faster and streak free. While Eco-friendly, we use only fresh water on your trucks. We do not recycle or reclaim our water!
  • De-icing / De-mudding - Excessive ice or mud can be removed at a per minute charge.
  • Stick Mop Trailers - For an additional fee, you can have your trailer stick mopped. Ask the manager or supervisor for prices.
  • Motor Wash / Frame Wash - If you want more than just our complimentary motor rinse, you may speak with the manager or supervisor and get pricing for a more detailed motor or frame wash.
  •  Preferred Customer Cards - We offer a loyalty program with our Preferred Cards which gives 10% off entire washes, every visit and valid for one full year from the date of purchase. Drivers will also received periodic coupons on the bottom of their invoices!
  • Payment Options - We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and debit cards. We also accept Comcheck, T-Chek and EFS checks.
  • House Account - Fast and convenient: consolidated monthly billing, with detailed wash summary information sheet. Purchase orders and other miscellaneous restrictions are accommodated through special request.
  • Specialty Products - After getting your premium hand mopped tractor wash, you may want to try some of our additional products which will keep your truck and trailer shining even longer:
    •  Rain-X - The industry leader in the all surface protectant. This product adds shine, protection and water repellancy to paint, glass and chrome!
    •  SIMONIZ Hot Wax - Restore your truck's original luster and shine. Prolong the cleanliness of the exterior. Guard your truck from minor scratches. Protect your truck from the sun's harmful UV rays, preventing premature paint breakdown.
    • Brighteners - We offer two types of brighteners. Standard aluminum brightener and Citra Brightener for polished aluminum. These can be used on trailers, tanks, wheels, rails, etc.
    • Deluxe Packages:
      • Standard Hot Wax Deluxe
      • Rain-X Deluxe
      • Citra Hot Wax Deluxe
      • Citra Rain-X Deluxe
      These packages include brightening 6 wheels, 2 tanks, steps, headache rack, tractor wax or tractor Rain-X.
    • Trailer Washouts - Standard washouts start at $40.00, however all washouts are quoted based on time, extra debris and cleanup. We offer washouts of non-hazardous materials. We do not do livestock or carbon black washouts. Due to safety and environmental restrictions we are not allowed to do tanker washouts.
    • Enz All - We offer a very effective deodorizing spray for your washouts. It is quite cost effective and will leave your trailer smelling fresh!

Contact our Locations for More Information

Kingdom City, MO
I-70 & Hwy. 54, Exit 148
3290 Gold Road
Kingdom City, MO 65262
Manager: Jason Montcalm
Asst. Manager: Matt Embry

Strafford, MO
I-44 & Hwy. 125, Exit 88
319 Evergreen
Strafford, MO 65757
Manager: Dwight Hunt
Asst. Manager: Tim Stevens

Mount Vernon, IL
I-57 & I-64, Exit 95
625 South 45th Street
Mount Vernon, IL 62864 
Manager: Charlie Ebert
Asst. Manager: Trey Finney

Troy, IL
I-55 & I-70, Exit 18
2160 Liebler Road
Troy, IL 62294  
Manager: Josh Sanders
Asst. Manager: Steve Shylkofski

Davenport, IA
I-80, Exit 292
3675 West 83rd Street
Davenport, IA 52806
Manager: Tim Herrin
Asst. Manager: Nick Phelps